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Welcome to the Off-Campus IP Learning centre (OCL) of Global Institute of Intellectual Property (GIIP), one of the foremost intellectual property institutes in India.

GIIP has been set up by a team of successful entrepreneurs, IP attorneys, patent agents and practitioners. GIIP provides training services covering IP generation, protection, commercialization and management.

The field of intellectual property continues to grow at a significant pace. The number of patents issued in the last 10 years has grown tremendously and that means there’s more interest in IP law and associated practices.

GIIP recognizes the growing demand of patent and related services globally and also the growing need for qualified & trained patent professionals, agents and IP litigation attorneys in India.

The OCL centre provides comprehensive knowledge about different forms of Intellectual Property (IP), related protection systems & their significance, infringement issues and strategies for commercialization and management. The program curriculum covers state of the art education in IP laws of India, US and EP and provides practical insights supported by illustrations, case studies and exercises that simulate scenarios commonly faced by a mid size to large enterprises handling IP issues. Our goal is to provide you with a solid grounding in intellectual property laws & practices of the US, Europe and India jurisdictions along with the professional skills required to put that knowledge to use. To that end, we place a premium on skills training in a variety of ways: through practical exercises integrated into many doctrinal classes. You’ll also learn the practical side of being an IP practitioner by working on real cases through externships offered under our Industry mentorship program.

The OCL centre has been setup in accordance with our endeavor to reach out to the masses and make them IP savvy. The OCL centre offers courses which are predominantly delivered online via our learning management system or supported by supplementary material that is posted to the user – including print-based materials, online web access and CD ROMs. You will need to have access to a computer with an Internet connection and a CD/DVD ROM drive, in order to study the OCL courses.

We aim to train science, engineering, law, graduates, postgraduates, Ph.D. holders, working professionals and the corporate teams to cater to the global, knowledge-based, innovation-driven economy.

The OCL centre will provide rigorous academics, superior skills training and close interaction with faculty to facilitate a distinctive, personalized approach to your professional education

Welcome to the OCL centre!

Atulya Nath
Global Institute of Intellectual Property

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