Welcome to the Off-Campus Learning programs of the Global Institute of Intellectual Property

Academic reputation

  • Long-established Institute for Education and Training in field of IPR
  • The only Institute to cover the IP laws and practices of Indian, European and US jurisdictions
  • Academic Partnership with IIT Delhi, National Law University Delhi, CSIR, University of Washington, USA
  • Founded in 2007
  • Pioneers of ON-Campus Learning
  • Expert instruction covering IP protection, enforcement and management.

Your future is too important to entrust to just anyone. Study with the Global Institute of Intellectual Property and you receive a world-class education that is well recognized by the Industry and the Government. Our online instructors have academic expertise and ability to be catalysts for high-level discussion in the online learning environment.

Constantly updated programs

  • International curriculum based on up-to-date theoretical foundations
  • IP attorneys, practitioners of International repute to share their real-life experiences, covering landmark IP cases and their legacy
  • A program structure that encourages the sharing of insights
  • Instructors actively involved in the field they teach
  • Constant student feedback
  • Resource updating

Our programs are updated on a regular basis to deliver knowledge of the emerging / changing trends in the legal, technical and business issues associated to the IP field. The content is upgraded by the practitioners from the field and of different jurisdictions. Our instructors are conversant with the recent cases and include best practices and practical guidance for those interested in excelling in this field. We encourage students to align their work as closely as possible with issues they face in their professional life.

Academic standards

  • Interaction with IP practitioners from around the world
  • Constant supervision of assessment standards
  • Grading assessed by external examiners
  • GIIP OCL’s high academic standards are the foundation for all of our programs
  • Structured learning
  • Continuous assessment of participation in discussions
  • Weekly evaluation of individual and group projects

Studying online is no easy ride. The level of participation we expect and the assignments we set reflect the high standards of the OCL program. Our online learning environment provides a total immersion method, in which you examine subjects in depth. This is a learning approach based on real-life participation, not the ability to memorize. In our programs, you are evaluated on your ability to process information, turn it into knowledge, critically analyze it and communicate it clearly to others.

Practical, applicable knowledge

  • Customized programs and capsules
  • Practical insights supported by illustrations, case studies and assignments
  • Evolving program content
  • Active instructors
  • Industry-focused project work

The selection of capsules and courses offered by us is with an objective for you to personalize your program to acquire knowledge that is immediately valuable to you, your organization and your career. While assignments establish a theoretical foundation for learning, the practical knowledge provided by your instructors – highly motivated professionals with a wealth of experience to share – can be applied directly to your workplace. Our interactive learning environment delivers a unique learning experience.

Career Opportunities

  • India signed WTO agreement in January 2005. Indian companies will have to compete globally, hence the need to innovate, protect and build commercial and business strategy tools
  • Indian companies, especially SMEs are finding it difficult to manage enormous amounts of IP that they or their employees are generating
  • Growing number of multi-national (MNCs) and Indian companies investing in R&D activities
  • Growing outsourcing / off shoring opportunities in the fields of patents and IP from US, Europe and Japan. (due to abundant talent and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Operational excellence that has delivered cost and quality leadership in offshore services centres)

Our placement system helps participants find career opportunities in renowned organizations, with improved roles and responsibilities, world-class remuneration and at the best locations. The Career Advancement Services (CAS) office at our centre assists participants in making the right career choices. The focus is not only on getting the best compensation for participants, but also on job satisfaction – the importance of finding the ‘best fit’. Participants receive personalized guidance in defining and attaining career objectives through counseling, skill development workshops and career information services. Those who wish to seek guidance on career matters receive advice from the Advisory Board, a 4-member team comprising top HR talent management professionals from Indian and international companies – that brings an industry perspective to CAS. Even after graduation, guidance can be sought from the CAS to maximize career opportunities, or for networking.

Flexible program structure

  • Personalization
  • Specialization Tracks
  • Time between modules
  • Influence your own learning outcomes

In all our capsules, you can choose from a range of courses to personalize the content of your certification. Alternatively, you can follow one of our Specialization Tracks to acquire a more focused set of skills and knowledge. This means that you can choose courses that are relevant to your needs today as well as those that will help your future career prospects.

You automatically have a break between modules which can be extended as required. All of your lectures, class discussions and group projects take place online, so you never have to concern yourself with lecture times or travel to attend a class. The time you choose to study is up to you.



  • Students
  • Instructors
  • Staff
  • Program material from various countries
  • Across all time zones

Our virtual campus and worldwide reputation attract students and instructors from all over the world. You are not expected to be online at the same time as the rest of your class; you can still take part in webinars and contribute when it suits you. Program topics and class discussion always have a global dimension. The international perspective you gain as a result gives you a huge advantage in today’s global knowledge-based economy.


  • Online study
  • All educational resources always available (lecture materials, library, webinars, instructor interaction, etc.)
  • Get access to your virtual classroom from any Internet-enabled computer anywhere
  • No specific attendance times for classes
  • Technical and Admin help desk

The Online environment allows for learning at any time, any place and facilitates constant interaction with the trainers and mentors. As long as you meet assignment submission deadlines and other participation requirements, you can choose the time and place that suits you. We ensure that you always have access to all educational resources and the support you may need.

Flexible payment methods

  • Three different payment options for our online programs
  • Various payment possibilities include bank transfer and credit card options
  • Financial advice on loans, scholarships and tax benefits available

The GIIP Online Education offers you a number of flexible payment options, including monthly installments, to enable you to take advantage of our excellent academic programs. We also provide useful advice on loans, scholarships and taxes.

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