IP Nucleus Basic (IPNB)

The IP Nucleus Basic capsule is the stepping stone into the world of IP. The curriculum covers all fields of intellectual property and is suitable for all individuals having interest in intellectual property

The IP Nucleus Basic capsule offers the following:

  • 10 courses*
  • Workbook for each course
  • Recorded video or audio lectures by GIIP faculty
  • Access to all webinars for a full year
  • Opportunity to interact with and learn from experienced practitioners (through email, chat, fax and phone)
S.No. Name of the Course
1 Introduction to Intellectual Property (IP)
2 International Treatise and Conventions
3 All about Trademarks
4 All about Patents
5 Trade Secrets, GI, Plant Varieties and other forms of IP
6 Copyrights and Related Rights
7 Industrial Design Protection
8 Patents and Patent Process (India)
9 The Patent – Substantive (US)**
10 Patents and Patent Process (EP)**
**For individuals with legal background, the following two courses are offered in lieu of 9th and 10th course mentioned above
9 Competition Law and Intellectual Property
10 IP Litigation (India)

You will have to pass an online examination to be certified by GIIP for the IP Nucleus Basic capsule.

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